Quest can be used in a variety of ways within the classroom or in after school programs such as:
Monthly Research Projects:
With an average 10 month school year, have students choose a badge from one Area of Discovery per month to work on as a research project. Since there are nine Areas of Discovery, that leaves the last month to have the kids learn to write their own badge. For example, in September you may have them choose from badges in Discover Art; October might be Discover the Outdoors; November Discover Character, etc. At the end of the year, they kids should be familiar with what is needed to earn a badge and they can write one around their own interests, taking that interest to the next level.

Individual Unit Studies:
If you are looking for ideas for a specific subject, check to see if we have a badge written for it.  For example, if you are looking for a way to make the holidays a little more fun and educational, check out the requirements for the Holiday badge, the Christmas Ornament badge, or the Holidays Aroudn the World badge.

Character Building:
Improve your students' character by working on badges such as honesty, responsibility, diligence, and kindness. Each badge has ideas both for discussions and activities that revolve around the chosen character trait.


After School Programs:

Quest can easily be added to any after school program.  Our badge requirements are written so that several age groups can all work together on the same subject.  Using the badges as individual unit studies, the kids have an opportunity to learn about subjects that may not have time to be covered in the classroom.   Your school can use the badge requirements listed to help plan and implement your after school program, while purchasing the badges themselves can be up to each individual parent if you wish.


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